My member gets the wrong or gets no product after a successful purchase?

If a new member receives the wrong product or no product after a successful purchase, please check the following options:

  1. Verify that the correct Offer is connected: Check the Activation URL in your Linktopay Editor and ensure that it is linked to the correct Offer in Kajabi.
  2. Review the included products in your Offer: Double-check the products listed under "Included Products" in your Offer settings. Make sure that the correct products are added to the Offer and that they align with what you intend to sell.
  3. Remove unnecessary automations: If you have an additional automation set up with the "Offer is granted" trigger followed by a "Grant an offer" action, it may cause confusion. This automation is not necessary since you can include all the products directly in the "Included Products" list of your Offer. Consider removing this automation to avoid any discrepancies.

By ensuring that the correct Offer is connected, the included products are accurate, and unnecessary automations are removed, you can ensure that your customers receive the correct product after a successful purchase.

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