What should I do if the discount on recurring payments is too high?

If you are experiencing a situation where the discount on recurring payments is excessively high, it is likely due to the way discounts are applied to installments or membership plans. To address this issue, follow these guidelines:

  1. Utilize a DISCOUNT RATE: Instead of using a fixed discount amount, consider using a discount rate that evenly deducts a percentage from each recurring payment. This ensures a consistent and balanced reduction across all installments.
  2. Avoid fixed discounts: It is not recommended to use fixed discounts in scenarios involving installments or membership plans. This is because a fixed discount will be applied to every installment, compounding the discount and potentially resulting in a higher reduction than intended.

By implementing a discount rate and avoiding fixed discounts, you can maintain more control over the discount amount applied to each recurring payment. This helps to ensure that the discounts remain at an appropriate level and do not become excessively high.

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